Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that food is the single largest component of waste going to landfills and incinerators?  Wasted food sent to landfills is bad for our wallets and the environment.  It’s been reported that nearly 80% of all food waste comes from supermarkets, restaurants, institutions (like schools), and homes.  If your students started a program to reduce food waste at home and school and shared this project with the greater education community, we could make significant progress in reducing food waste.  But why stop there?  Your learners could take what they learn and work with local supermarkets and restaurants to donate certain foods to food shelves, donate scraps and expired foods to local pig farms, and turn the remainder into compost.  This compost could then be recycled and used for community gardens, local farms, public landscaping, or distributed to students for use at home.  TC Food Justice ( is an organization that was started by a few students, why not start a project like this in your town?