Opportunity & Possibility

GrayVyne was developed as an open-walled platform and learner-centered resource to enable all learners to fulfill their full potential as empowered individuals. This platform was structured to be accessible to any type of school regardless of their level of financial resources. In fact, our unique model offers a totally independent and flexible source of fundraising for schools based on the work learners are doing for each other, and a direct result of what they’re learning from each other. When learners make an impact and inspire their peers in the greater education community, their school will be rewarded financially for it so they can spread even more impact and inspiration next time. We believe this model inherently drives equity across the entire community, and a truly learner-centered and learner-led education system is possible.

GrayVyne was built for you, merely begin.

  • No memberships
  • No complex contracts
  • No up-front investments
  • No long-term commitments

Community & Contribution

The Trellis was designed to be a safe place for a courageous community. There are no like buttons, ratings, reviews, or comments associated with projects or the learners who deliver them. We have intentionally created an environment where there are no distractions or disruptions to take learners away from the important work they need to do for their community and each other.

GrayVyne is where learners from any type of school in the education community and connect and contribute to each other. In this community, learners from rural schools connect to city schools, or learners from charter schools inspire their peers at old private schools, and learners in home schools motivate and collaborate with their peers in tribal schools. Here learners can find inspiration and gain empathy from someone like them in a different learning environment, because we are all more alike than different.

We are looking for courageous administrators and educators who are eager to empower learners to become problem finders and solution makers who have common hopes and the collective will to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.