What if learners were expected to create a Personal Learning Community to improve their own learning outcomes? Imagine if this expectation of connection, inspiration, and motivation were fundamental to the work they do?

We’re all more alike than we are different. What would it look like if any learner could discover someone like them at another type of school. Imagine if we could all find someone like us with common hopes so we can inspire each other to go make things, and make things better?

We brainstormed a solution and built a product to solve their problem. It was so much fun experimenting with my group, and our teacher was so cool. Every time we would struggle or get upset she would smile and say: “Learn find joy in figuring it out.”

If learners want to make an impact on their world, they should learn how to tell a story. A story is a transfer of emotion that creates a reaction, and it’s fundamental to how we communicate. But there’s a problem. No one is born a good storyteller, and like most skills, it takes a lot of practice to get right.

It doesn’t matter if you build a software application, a piece of hardware, or develop a new process. Learners provide the documentation so other learners can modify it, because the project isn’t the important part—the impact the project delivers is what matters.

What if you could create a sustainable source of fundraising based on learner impact?

We believe learners should seek to help others and contribute because it’s not about us and our idea, but about executing on the bold idea crafted by all of us. Learners are expected to utilize projects from their peers and see how they can fix it and customize it to fit the needs of the problem in their town. The learner community discovers a problem and works collectively to turn one solution into many solutions, and a local impact into a widespread impact.


6 mins – Notice the subtle serendipities that move you from “I am” to “I am that.”

It’s delicate. Gratitude is about being authentic and expressing more than a simple thank you. Saying thank you is often initiated by expectation through social convention, and this expectation removes the joy and intention of the connection. If there’s an expectation that we should do it, we lose the joy of dancing with the feeling of being truly grateful. It’s an act of letting go of where this experience might go, fully immersing yourself in what it is, and discovering what it means to you. Gratitude demands sensitive awareness, and letting joy creep into those moments that catch your soul. These moments cultivate feelings of being grateful because we realize the experience and feeling of becoming aware of this thing will never…


6 mins – I love the idea of creative worry, and who exactly the Model T was for.

What’s the difference between a project that’s complete and a project that’s finished? Being complete means the project is whole, it works, and it’s beautiful to someone. A complete project brings some level of utility to that someone who engages with it. But there’s always more to be done, and a complete project is merely the beginning. A finished project on the other hand has reached the maximum level of utility and unparalleled beauty to everyone who engages with it. It’s been refined, cared for, and pruned to perfection. A finished project is the end of the process. When your learners work on a project and develop a product, when is their project considered…

GrayVyne is where learners discover the art of possibility, and what’s possible for someone like them. Whether you are actively engaged or cautiously curious about personalized learning and project-based learning, we invite you to be part of the conversation.

The Trellis is the platform GrayVyne purpose-built to hold and share learner stories with care. Learners come here to experience the stories of their peers and show gratitude for their hard work regardless of the learning environment learners come from.

It’s okay if your project idea already exists. Ideas don’t solve problems, people like you do. Ideas need concerned participants who are willing to put the idea into action, and contributors who care enough about the problem to find new ways to solve it.

GrayVyne is a safe platform. The culture is not about beating the other guy or getting ahead of your peers. It’s about doing creative work, and being better at it than you thought you could. Here, learners can find the courage to raise expectations of themselves.

What has your intuition asked of you lately? Intuition is a subtle and wonderfully mysterious thing. Often misunderstood and discounted in the best of times, and yet longed for and leaned on in the worst of times. We’ve all felt it before, that gut feeling or inner voice telling us to go this way instead of that. It’s that internal sense of pause that demands you think through the action you’re about to take, as if you already know how it’s going to play out in the long-term. There are no external facts, data, or analytics you’ve referenced to ensure you’re making the right decision, but yet you just know. I wonder how often our learners today get that same feeling? And if they do…

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